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Our basic rate per word for professional translations is dependent upon:
-Target and source language
-Total word count
-Degree of technicality of terminology
-Deadlines (i.e., Is this a rush job?)

(Texts of over 10,000 words: rate decreases by 15%, depending upon type of text.)

You may also E-mail :

Attach your document to be translated or a sample of it and inform us of the total word count and the source and target languages(e.g., Italian>English, English>German, etc.).

We generally work at the pace of 2,500-3,000 source words per day on each individual project to ensure quality.
If a quick deadline must be met(e.g., 5,000 words per day), and additional translators must work on the project simultaneously, the rate will increase accordingly and also depending upon the difficulty of terminology.

Weekend rates do apply in certain circumstances.
Minimum charge is applied per project.
Certified legal translation(in U.S.A. only): additional notarization and processing charge, which includes sworn statement of accuracy.

*For example, the cost of a French to English translation of a basic marketing text of 4,000 words may be at the basic per-word rate, whereas the same text of 50,000 words may be charged 20% less than the basic rate, depending on the requested delivery date.

Legal texts with highly specialized terminology: varies from standard rate by 10% more or less per word, depending on the requested delivery date. Simple contracts, 5% less than basic rate.

The basic rate for an English into German, Russian, or Czech professional translation, for example, varies from standard rate by 15% more or less per word, depending upon the difficulty of terminology.

German, Russian, or Czech translation into English, at standard 25% discount rate.

General rate for Italian, French, Spanish > English target language: varies within 10% of standard discount rate.

If it is a rush translation (24 hours or less)of a 4,000 word document from/to these particular languages, the rate may increase by 10%/word.

Translation of texts in format other than MSWord(e.g., PDF files, faxed documents) may be charged slightly extra.

*These rates are for information purposes only.


Depending on size, in advance, or with deposit and balance within 14 days from date of invoice.
Payment by credit card and Paypal.

You may pay us using any of the following methods:

To make a payment by credit card through our secure online form, click on the button below.

You will be taken to PayPal's online system, where in the "ITEM" field you type in, for example, "Translation project 511".
In "UNIT PRICE" field, type in the total cost of the translation you have purchased (ex., $345.00).
The quantity,Qty, is set to default, as 1.
Press "UPDATE TOTALS" button underneath total to see your final purchase.
You will see the final price you have chosen to pay.
If you do not have a Pay Pal account you can follow the directions to the page where you will enter your credit card and billing information.



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