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3.2.1 Content and quality of New Translations
In the event of agreement  of Assignor and Authors on the carrying out of New Translations, the text of each of the Illustrated Books shall be translated on the initiative of and at the expense of the Assignee.
The Assignee promises that this translation of the Illustrated Books assumes the form of a  conscientious and careful text of literary quality, and which is in accordance with the spirit, tone and literary style and content of the Illustrated Books, and of their worldwide reputation, of which the Assignee declares perfect knowledge.
The Assignee guarantees that all translations will respect the moral right of the Authors of the Illustrated Books and all distortions are prohibited. No cuts or modification of the text or its organization may be carried out without prior written consent of the Assignor.
The translation of each Illustrated Book must be obligatorily submitted to the Assignor and may not be published until after written agreement from the latter.
The Assignor may demand from the Assignee any modification or revision of the Translation, or even a new version in order to render the translation in accordance with the spirit, tone and literary style and content of the Illustrated Books. The Assignee promises to expressly observe the due dates that will determined by the Assignor.
In the event of failure of the Assignee, the Assignor may choose either to terminate the Contract, or entrust this task to any third party it chooses; in this case, the Assignee will be obligated to use the new version of the translation and the Assignor shall re-invoice the Assignee for all costs engendered by the elaboration of this new version.



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